The Junior 1000 Rally championship is the only championship in the UK for drivers aged 14-17.  If you want to get involved in rallying, there are just a few things you need to do in order to get your license and enter your first event.


STEP 1: Complete 3 x Production Car Autotests (PCA) with one observed by a Formula 1000 Rally Club

STEP 2: Complete the BARS examination

STEP 3: Attend a Formula 1000 test day to be singed off by the club

STEP 4: Send off your completed Rally license application to the Formula 1000 club, Get a car, Co-Driver, safety equipment and enter your first rally!



Further Details:

STEP 1: Complete 3 x PCA’s –

One of the three PCA’s must be an F1000 Rally Club organised or observed event. If the Clerk of course is satisfied that the Junior Driver has completed the PCA in a competent and safe manner they may sign your PCA Signature Card. The PCA Signature Card holds a record of your PCA signatures. To clarify – You require three Clerk of Course Signatures, any two plus one F1000 Signature. The PCA Signature Card is available to download HERE A full list of centres offering a PCA is available here


STEP 2: Complete the BARS Examination

Using the information in the “Blue Book” which you receive when applying for a rally license from the MSA, every driver must complete a pass a test at a BARS rally centre.  The examiners will be required to fill out the relevant section of the current MSA Licence Application form showing successful completion of the BARS course. Details of the locations are available here


Step 3: Attend a Formula 1000 test day to be singed off by the club

Throughout any season, the Formula 100 Rally club will hold several test days which are open to anyone to come along.  You must have your driving safety observed by the Club as the final part of the license process.  If you don’t have your own car at this point, it may be possible for the club to make a car available for you to use on the day.

Step 4: Complete your license application and enter your first event.

During the season, the events that make up the 9 rounds are classed as either a grade 1 or grade 2 rally.  New drivers are only permitted to enter a grade 1 rally as their event and will then be able to enter the grade 2 events.

It is vital that all drivers are able to demonstrate they have control of a car before being able to enter a rally event.  The steps have been agreed with the MSA to safeguard all competitors.


If you want to get started, just get in touch with Tony Jackson, Club Secretary at