After the introduction of the Pre ’03 Trophy for the final 3 rounds of 2016, the Junior 1000 Rally club has once again received backing from Lewis Reporting for the 2017 season.

Lewis Maundrell commented ” I’m delighted to support the Pre ’03 Trophy again in 2017 and offer another challenge for the drivers to go for.  Last year the trophy served up plenty of drama and excitement and I’m sure that will continue this season.  Hopefully, adding in a championship table as well as a trophy for each rally should encourage the teams to have a real push throughout the season”.


Tommi Meadows won all 3 trophies in 2016

The trophy is open to all Junior cars registered before 2003, which includes the popular Nissan Micra.

This season there are a few tweaks to the rules which include an additional championship based on the overall finishing position of the drivers in each rally. As with the main championship, the best 6 scores from the 8 scoring rounds will count towards the Pre ’03 Trophy championship.  A trophy will also be presented at each rally to the best placed driver in a Pre ’03 car.


As well as scoring points in the main Junior championship, the following points are awarded to the Pre ’03 drivers:

1st = 10 points

2nd = 8 points

3rd = 6 points

4th = 5 points

5th = 4 points

6th = 3 points

7th = 2 points

8th = 1 point