Juniors – no minimum age to train – able to compete from 14 to 17 years 2009 saw F1000 making history by running the first ever championship for Junior rally drivers.

Next Big Step – open to graduating Juniors A helping hand offered to some lucky Juniors as they move on to senior events.

Juniors 2016 Registered Drivers

Peter Bennett

Zak Hughes

Tommi Meadows

Tom Llewellin

Jack Hartley

James Hall

Thomas Rawlings

George Sheard

Edward Lewis

Adam Ripper

Josh McErlean

Ewan Tindall

Tom Delaney

Alex Tentori

Ellie Williams

Riley Banks

Dan Curwen

Alex Holliday

Juniors 2016 Registered Co-Drivers

Tom Hutchings
Philip Hall
Joe Cruttenden
Rob Gilham
Gareth Short
Chris Evans
Ian Oakey
Ian Taylor
Tom Wood
Damian Smith
Elgan Davies
Mark Crisp
Andrew Richards
Chris Evans
Stephen Hobbs
Sion Humphreys
Martin Cressey
Emma Morrison
Martin Young