Formula 1000 was created in 2003 as a cost effective and enjoyable way to go rallying and has received MSA certification.

The concept is up to 1 litre cars with very tight regulations. Cars have good safety equipment and they handle and stop well but don’t have the expensive internally modified engines and transmissions of other classes.

The Kick Energy Junior 1000 Rally Championship is the only Championship in the UK which allows drivers aged between 14 and 17 to compete on Rallies across the UK.

Having begun in 2009, the Championship has grown dramatically, ending the 2010 season with more than 30 registered drivers! Ashley Slights and Cameron Davies won the inaugural Championship in ’09 with Cameron taking a second title in 2010.

Some of our competitors have graduated at the age of 17, with some now competing in the British Rally Championship, BRC Challenge, BTRDA Rally Series, the Formula 1000 Tarmac Championship and the Super 1000 Rally Championship with great success.

What is the points structure of the Championship?

30pts for 1st, 28pts for 2nd, 26pts for 3rd, 25pts for 4th, and so on down to 1pt for 28th.

Competitors also get 1 point for starting the event. So even if you retire, you get 1 point.

How much does it cost to join?

Club Membership £10

New Championship Registration for Junior Driver Membership (including F1000 Jacket) £110
Championship Registration for Junior driver £60
Championship Registration for Senior driver £50
Championship Registration for Co-Driver £25
Junior Driver Licence 2017 Stage Rally national B (Inline with MSA License Price)

So, you can get involved in Rallying/the Championship for just £10 – with that membership you can help organise events, marshal, organise the Championship – the list is endless!