Junior rally driver Eddie Lewis is set to make a dramatic return to his upgraded Mechanical Solutions backed C1, after a difficult start to the 2017 season in his new Ford Fiesta.  All eyes were on the performance of the Fiesta in round 1 as his fellow competitors feared that he might disappear into the distance due to the increased power from the Ford 1ltr engine.
However, the expected gain in performance over the C1’s has not materialised and team have been forced to relook at how to get back on the pace. The Fiesta was always part of a longer term plan for Eddie to graduate from the Junior rally to the senior categories in 2018.
Eddie commented “With a slow start to the season and going backwards from the 2nd half of last year when we pushed into the top 5 or 6, we took a big look at where we have been going wrong. The obvious change from last year to this year was last years C1 to our Fiesta we have ran for the first 3 rounds of the 2017 season. So comparing the 2 side by side was the only way to tackle this thought”.

We have had a big clean over of the C1 in the past few weeks with new gearbox, clutch, drive shafts, bottoms arms, front pads, front screen, panels and decals! First we took out the long standing C1 from our 2016 campaign. It was very hard to tell an instant speed difference from the Fiesta. We pushed the little pocket rocket to its max and recorded a fair few times round one lap.

Eddie in action at the last round where he was plagued by electrical issues

We then took the Fiesta out for its laps and after getting back used to the car, we got some hard pushed flying laps. The outcome of the lap tests was the C1 consistently gaining 5 seconds per 2 min 15 secs lap over the Fiesta. Also the C1 coming out with just under 1 second quicker than the Fiesta from a standing start to 60. Great to get this information to see where we stand with both cars”.


 The next round of the Junior Rally Championship will take place on 2nd July at the challenging Caerwent Military base for the Mid Summer Stages.  Eddie will be back behind the wheel of his trusty C1 at the event and looking for a return to the top of the leader boards.