After competing in the Junior 1000 Rally championship over the last couple of seasons in a Nissan Micra, Jack Hartley is planning an attack on the 2017 title win a freshly built classic mini.  Jack will be backed this campaign by the world famous MiniSport team as they look to build an epic rally car.


Jack said “We are hoping to finish in the top three or even win it. The Junior 1000 Rally club gives the best opportunity for young drivers to compete and progress. As for the car, everyone knows about the mini and that we I’m delighted to be sponsored by MiniSport. It won’t be ready until very close to the first event”

The team have already completed a huge amount of work and have a massive amount of work to do in order to have the car ready for 19th March.  The traditional 998cc Rover Series A engine traditionally only offered around 50bhp, a long way down on the current 70bhp-80bhp the current cars are capable of.  However with the option of twin carburetors, and lightweight shell, the team are confident of making a rally winning car.


Stay tuned for updates on Jacks build over the next couple of weeks.