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Formula 1000 Rally Club

Formula 1000 was created in 2003 as a cost effective and enjoyable way to go rallying.

The concept is up to 1 litre cars with very tight regulations. Cars have good safety equipment and they handle and stop well but don’t have the expensive internally modified engines and transmissions of other classes.

We like to think
we cater for everybody

Juniors – no minimum age to train – able to compete from 14 to 17 years 2009 saw F1000 making history by running the first ever championship for Junior rally drivers.

Senior tar – no maximum age – compete on the same rounds as Juniors This was where it all began and just as much fun today.

Senior forest – runs as part of BTRDA (link) series in class rf 1.0 Quality events and not only do you run at the front of the field but you pay lower entry fees.

Super 1000 – runs in BTRDA 1.4C classFor those who like a bit of giant killing! Typically 140 plus bhp at over 10000 rpm. Effectively F1000 cars with modified engine and box.

Next Big Step – open to graduating Juniors A helping hand offered to some lucky Juniors as they move on to senior events.

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